Used tires retaining wall

26 Mar

With growing number of cars around the world there is also a growing mountains of used tires. Build retaining walls with them could make a tiny dent in this problem without need of any additional processing. Look on this article for some more reading. There is some more technologies out there to give old tires a new life, but they require big energy input. In US about 44% end up being burn as fuel.
The retaining walls seen like most viable options. Look on Earthship Biotecture to see some amazing houses build with earth filled tires

How to use old tires to build a retaining wall

Here is a sketch of Used tires retaining wall for Moy hill community garden

Used tires retaining wall

Sketch of tire retaining wall for the podium in Moy Hill

some more Ideas flower tire wall
tire crafting
Another great solution is making roof shingles. Unfortunately this requires expensive machinery. There is great potential so hopefully in near future more companies will look into it…

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