Upcycled pallets into frames

1 Apr

Another Upcycle creation in my repertoire is Upcycled pallets into frames. When you are a student on limited budget you just have to love pallets. You don’t even need a workshop if you do it the old-school manual way. Using power tools would get too dusty and you wouldn’t get the exercise. You will need a tenon saw, ruler, glue and heavy duty stapler.

Professional equipment

Professional equipment

After gathering my equipment and pallet wood I made bit of space on the floor in living room. It is important to make a template super accurate 45 degrees so then you don’t have to measure every single corner. You just hold the template piece on top of the timber and cut. Problem with pallet wood is that the lines are not quite perfect. Anyway people will be looking at the pictures not upcycled pallets into frames. After I cut enough segments I went trough then all to pair them together as there is a variable in thickness of free reclaimed wood. I am not complaining because it was free. I used wood glue to join the pieces together and after it dried if fixed them with staples in the corners.

upcycled frame

upcycled frame ready for sanding and my homemade Natural wood varnish

Next step is two protective layers with my homemade Natural varnish in my spacious painting room


frames varnished with my beeswax recipe

Hope this was helpful and see you here

everybody welcome

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  1. giulia April 2, 2015 at 11:49 am #

    I actually love this website. I love this article in particular, because I am an artist and I would like to make my own frames. I love upcycling, sometimes you need simple knowledge to get started…
    My idea is to create art with ethical and sustainable material as chalk based paint or watercolour,recycled paper, avoiding animal products (possibly)… is hard because most of the best brushes for watercolour are made with sable… and i don’t even know how ethical is to use synthetic brushes.. but still, is all learning.
    I believe that being aware of this is still good and can change something.

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