Dublin Made Me Market

29 Oct

Tony Lowth the guerrilla composter and philosopher talks to  journalist Catherine Cleary organizer of Dublin Made Me Market how he managed to repurpose derelict site aka Dublin scrubland into a kitchen garden with the help of volunteers.

tony lowth guerilla composter

Tony Lowth guerilla composter / philosopher

This philosopher composter will be at the Dublin Made Me Market which starts at 103.0am on Sunday November 1st in Smock Alley to talk about turning a wasteland into a food basket. He’s got tips for the perfect compost heap, how you can implement the no-dig principle in your own garden and he can even tell you how much a shovel full of compost is worth.

Watch the interview here

The Dublin Made Me Market is brought to you by journalist Catherine Cleary and Dublin 2020 See http://www.facebook.com/dublinmadememarket


Taken from  www.irishtimes.com

Original article here

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