Beeswax and Propolis varnish

4 Mar

I have to say on the beginning that this is a complete experiment. I decided to make my own Beeswax and Propolis varnish for wooden picture frames for Shore Shots Photo Exhibition. I have reclaimed wood from almost new pallets from nearby fruit market and will be using this wood to make frames for my photos. I have an exhibition coming and decided to do something totally eco-friendly with super low budget.


Gathering ingredients

Beeswax and Propolis varnish


150 g beeswax

50g propolis residue left after alcohol extraction

50 ml rapeseed oil

200 ml turpentine


Propolis tincture filtration

Prior to this mix I was making a propolis tincture by dissolving 30g of propolis in 150ml of alcohol. This process extracts all the beneficial ingredients of propolis into alcohol and this can be used for health issues. As I didn’t want to throw away the rest I tried to mix it into basic natural wood varnish recipe. I have to admit that is not so successful because it is impossible to dissolve propolis residues. I was hoping to achieve darker colour of the varnish with the propolis.



Melting the beeswax

Fill a pan with water and put on medium low heat. Place a glass jar inside and fill with beeswax. Leave to melt and then stir in all other ingredients. Amount of turpentine determines the consistency of end product. You can omit the propolis residue as my experiment with it failed.


Ready for use


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