The Clock is tick-tick

21 Sep

Somebody is about to get a shower on the Prom

I completed list of things to do before I leave from Lahinch…

I need to learn to write bit more of text and for now I am offering to see few pictures,

big atlantic swell

Loop head battered by powerfull atlantic swell

nice nature around here

art by eoin

some kinds of art also around here, I think art by Eoin

Buying a van is the main thing. I need reliable vevicle to bring me around this long distance journey around Euroe. I will meet people on my journey which make this website really interesting…

the van

volkswagen transporter camper van

the chase

guess which dog is joining me for this trip…


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  1. Odris October 1, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    Run Pepyyyyy ruuuun :]

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