Journey continues… more or less

30 Nov

N-642 – km 49


This information do I have from my first encounter with Spanish police. My van is broken again and this time I have Haynes service manual. In the fault finding chapter I didn’t find anything positive.
But let me tell you a longer story about good times as well. Last week I was exploring Asturias. They call it paradiso natural. I will call it where heavy industry meets the mountains  eucalyptus forest and blue flag beaches.

paradiso natural…

I wonder where all the pollution is going because the waster is quite clean. I drove to Oviedo on Friday for a bit of shopping and to catch up with the Erasmus crew. Jan did a great dinner and after it was classic Friday chill. Enno and Pierre showed us some musical skill with acoustic guitars and travel accordion. Forecast was looking good for next morning so Disco was cancelled.
In the morning on the beach clean lines were coming in and gentle offshore breeze was bringing some of that fresh industrial smell. We jumped in the water and after while wind died of completely and it was glassy sunny perfection. We couldn’t enjoy perfection for too long because wind came back much stronger cross-shore and destroyed the waves fast.

after the surf session in salinas

Surf session was over and we moved west to look for a nice sheltered spot to camp. Playon de Bayas was looking like a good place. This long stretch of sand is resting under hill covered with eucalyptus forest  We parked cars in a corner of car park to create shelter from the strong wind.

this is how we roll

After it was just relax, enjoying the sun, live music, food and beers. We did the fire and I put a flat stone next to it. When the fire heated ti up properly, we did stone baked chorizo and chestnuts.

stone baked chestnuts with chorizo

It is hard to describe how good it was and I recommend to try it yourself.
The beach we visited next day was even nicer. Small beach with dark sand surrounded by cliffs and evergreen forest.

Irish breakfast Spanish style

After Jan’s Irish brekkie  Enno with Jan went fishing and me with Pierre went looking for chestnuts. The main time for collecting gastanos is over so we only found few small ones and two big funhgi porcini (rissoto recipe coming soon).

funghi porciny (boletus edulis)

Second team didn’t catch no dinner, but after surfing Enno had a great idea to collect mussels. We cooked them on rose wine with garlic for about 10 minutes. Few drops of lemon on the mussel did another gourmet experience for us. Moonlight filled the cold night and we were sitting close to the fire tunning up our flat stone fire oven.

stuck in the van on rainy morning

Next morning pouring rain and wind were welcoming us. Wind changed later on and waves started to look promising. Boys jumped in the water and I decided to do few photographs first. The set really surprised them and it is always looking smaller from the shore. I didn’t have chance to join them, because swell picked up too much. My friends had to go back to school and it is me and Pepita again.

We moved to a small fishing town Ribadeo for the night. After filling up the stock next morning we hit the road to Galicia, the Celtic part of Spain. We didn’t get too far. Driving up hill the engine suddenly lost power and stalled. I pulled on the side and tried to start the engine. Starter motor was turning, but the engine would not start. I dropped my head and screamed few bad words to calm down. The service manual sugested choked fuel filter. It was simple task, but did not help. I was geting dark quick so I gave up and start reading when I head voices coming closer. It was two members of guarda civil, one of many types of Spanish police. Lucky for me one of them speak bit of English  First thing he explained to me that when my car brakes down I need to put triangle behind vehicle. I have to buy it, so i just used camping chair and hi-res vest. They left after checking my papers and my promise that I call recovery first thing in the morning. Just when I finally fall into sleep more police is coming. This time it was four policeman on 2 cars. They were again nice, but the van had to go from the side of the road. The recovery truck came and it was only about 200 meters to the garage. Good man from the truck didn’t want any money. Police was happy with my parking spot and left. In the morning I gave the car to the garage and went to the forest with Pepi. Back in the garage, the told me my fuel pump is gone and new one is coming next day. Next day the job was done for a reasonable price and I was all happy driving to the closest beach. After about 2 km same fault again and engine not starting. I was standing next to a house and with my minimal Spanish I was trying to explain my trouble to this lady. I wanted to borrow a bicycle, to get back to garage. Her neighbor just passing gave me a lift. They were not very happy to see me again, but the mechanic jumped into the car and did some quick fix so I could drive it back. Next day he found out that he switched the pipes and dirt blocked the fuel pipe. Anyway I am happy on the move again and it is good to feel the warm air coming from the engine. Weather in Galicia so far is cold and wet and I think I will just keep driving… hopefully far…

I really like the Spanish pinxtos (tapas) style. While I am working on this post I had two beers and they keep feeding me

Big thanks to Jan for pictures

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  1. Jan Boltvan November 30, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Hola Senor :) ha ha man listen next week we have four days off from school so do not drive too far we might catch you up for nice four days session. Let me know where you gonna be next Thursday. We can rock the place again. Saludos Jan

  2. FAVRIOU November 30, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    We really had a nice trip and barbecue was so good as well!! see you soon!

  3. Dada December 4, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Your trip exploring the natural building is slowly turning into trip discovering taste worldwide (Europewide). You may also end up as a mechanic with all those troubles your van´s giving…Good luck, zlato!:)

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