Great French-Swiss people

20 Oct


Autumn in Chamonix

I am away for 6 days and time has come for quick post. I seen many places and met lot of people since I left Ireland. Most of them are involved in hemp building and I leave this part for the Symposium report (coming soon). From Yverdon I was heading to Geneva to look for replacement of my destroyed nikon. Boys from Purity Homes were heading to Geneva as well, so plan was to have few drinks in the city. Unfortunately there was a mistake on their bussiness card and i could not reach them. I skipped the city and headed for the nearest mountain trail. I found one near Geneva, just behind the Swiss border in France called la Saleve. It was very steep forest trail and I lost the trail twice. Almost at the top it guided me trough a impressive cave. On the top there was amazing views on Geneva on one side and mt. Blanc on the other.

evening glacier

Mount Blanc hidden in the clouds

Back on the car park I was planing small dinner when I met Charles. We talked while our dogs were playing around. After explaining him my trip he invited me for a dinner with his family and he also offered me to park my van at his house. After few days I have got a chance to take a shower as well. His wife Emmanuele was a bit suprised to see a hippie in the house but they were all so nice that I stayed another day. Charles showed me around next day, there is a lot of caves to explore. We walked up to a Cave of the dead dog and neither one of them didn’t go in the cave with me. It was bit scary on my own so I had to turn back after 10 minutes. Later I became friend with their daughter Eva. She told me so much in french that I wish to understand it. I had to stay for one more dinner. Today I bought ancient digital camera in Geneva and traveled to Chamonix. Tomorrow I am heading direction mt. Blanc…

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  1. Daniel October 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Aloha martin,

    Looks like you are having great time dude! Glad you were able to grab some tool to make pictures :) Can’t wait to see some shots from the mount Blanc! What about surfboaring from the top 😉 put some wax and viola!


  2. ewa October 24, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    wow :) I see u have amazing time :) squeeze all u can from that trip :)

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