Jason’s Forest Garden

16 Jan

It is two weeks now since I arrived to this Forest Garden in a small village close to the coast of Portugal. I am staying with second WWOOF host on this trip. Jason and his 3 kids are living here in his period villa. During 12 years here he created a jungle garden in his backyard.

Tree tomatoes fruits

Since he moved here, he is working to become self sufficient by planting fruit trees. His jungle includes exotic fruit trees like papaya, guava, quad, avocado,tree tomato, various nut trees and different kinds of palms. Some of them have fruits as well. Many of them have tasty fruits just now so I am sampling them all the time. Winter is also time of oranges, mandarins and lemons which are abundant around the village. Every morning I go for a walk to the forest with Pepita I have my breakfast on the way picking neighbors citrus fruits hanging over the fence. And I have to mention that everything is organic and delicious. During my time here I learned a lot about food and natural building. Jason has very good library with some great books. My work consists mainly from producing and applying earth plasters, natural paints, collecting fruits and bit of gardening work.

view from the bathroom

Big thanks to Jason and his kids for a great time with them

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  1. Jason January 21, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    Thanks 2. Lots of hugs. We hope to see you again. Take care and continue doing that natural building. You have talent! More hugs from all of us. Jason and Family.

  2. Rich February 11, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Hea Martin, greetings from west clare, how’s your trip working out? Are you fairly busy these days as no updates from you lately?



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