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14 Oct

dublin city

Back in the city now. There was few really busy days before I managed to move to my van. It is amazing how many things you accumulate in few years time. Worst part is you don`t need most of them. Organizing last things before i hit the road to Rosslare and board the ferry to the old continent. One of those things is branding of the camper.

color selection

I employed my friend who has vast experience with spray cans. We got lucky with the weather and there was no need to look for protection from elements.

psyche doing his thing

Everything was going as planned, until my friend was turning the van to start painting other side. He accidentally drove over my Nikon slr camera. I`ve seen how he missed it with front wheels and then back wheel did the job.  At least the memory card stayed in tact and I can share these pictures. Now I am left with 3 film cameras which are not very fast in term of getting pictures on the web fast.

branding the van

So that is all from Ireland for now. Direction Rosslare next, then 18 hours on the ferry and then long drive to Switzerland.


There is bit of a swell and on the 6th deck of the ferry things are moving from side to side. Poor Pepi is closed in a small cage and I can only see her every 3 hours. Another 15 hour on the sea ahead.

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