Coming to Portugal

18 Dec

Lovely weather in Galicia

Galicia was amazing and deserves a post blog by itself.

Playa de Traba, Galiza

First I have to tell you the recent story. I decided to join wwoof Portugal which is about working on organic farms about 20 hours per week in exchange for food and accommodation  Great way to learn new things, meet interesting people and get to know the culture. I choosed a farm using biodynamic principles of growing mainly herbs. Farm is located in mountains of northern Portugal. My way here was pretty straight forward moving with a massive Atlantic swell, which was continuously pouring rain on me. Following my gps trough Portugal countryside. From a point where dirt road started and it was already pretty dark I started to be a little bit worried. Only a little bit because it looked frequently used and in a good shape. Than at one point I turned on a crossing and the road got much worse. Passing two massive dogs barking at the car would be maybe a sign for some people to turn around. Not for me and when the road started to disappear in bushes I guess most of the people would u-turn. The problem was there was no space to turn around and I taught I can always reverse. The navigator was telling me that is only 300m of the dirt road. Technology was right about the distance but the road was suddenly missing. One missing meter is enough to stop you advancing. The worst part came when I tried to reverse on the wet ground covered with leaves and grass uphill. I was stuck again this time in the middle of forest on a dirt road. I walked the last 230m of the dirt road and it was really connecting to a normal road but only a tractor would make the last bit. I was so exhausted that i just laid down and soon i found out that wind turbines have a very bad influence on my sleep.

…dead end…

Next morning I took Pepita for a walk, the rain stopped finally. After light breakfast I headed off to get help. I choosed wrong direction to start with and there was nothing. The rain was back and after 2 hours of walking I was completely drenched in front of the church where people were gathering for Sunday mass. Most of them were thinking I want some money, but I was just trying to show them text message in Portuguese which Eduardo translated for me. There was nobody speaking English so I would be completely lost without his little help. Soon I  was sitting in a truck with a local man to have a look on my situation. The 4×4 pick up was not really strong enough and he had to go to get the tractor after a while he was back and I was all happy on the road again. I waited at his house with bottle of Champange and some presents, but the good man didn’t want anything. I am carrying around some of my prints and at least this was accepted as a gift. I changed settings on the gps so it never more come up with a stupid ideas of using unsurfaced roads and drove to the farm.

Pepita and new friends

The farm is filled my expectations. Couple of old stone buildings in the mountains with a big land around.

luxury country style accomodation

They are specialized on growing herbs using biodynamic methods of growing and distilling essential oils. The farm is run by Isabel and her cousin Eduardo, very nice Portuguese people and there is also more cool people staying.

calming lavender scent in this greenhouse

Toady we were working in one of the big greenhouses which is full of lavender. The scent of lavender made the work feel like meditation. Looking forward for the rest of the stay.

one of eight fresh puppies

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  1. Daniel December 18, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    Hi Martin,
    Your stories are awesome :) Pleasure to read them dude! :) I feel sorry for all the hassle you had to go trough but well :) you have some nice stories to tell in the end :)

    The farm work sounds like fun :) Hope you enjoy the swell!

    Best regards from cold Dublin!

  2. Odris December 19, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Man you rock!
    For how long are going to stay in Portugal?

  3. Dada December 20, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    Oh my dear Martin:) This is an adventure! But there are many good people around the world:) I love your pictures…Aaaw, puppies are beautiful:) I think Pepitka feels lonely;))) Posielam vam obom pusu

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