Colours of portugese winter

22 Dec

walk with nice view

Today was easy day on the farm so we had a chance to explore surroundings.

fresh herbs for Saturday market

Plan was to visit the Castle of Arnoia. We did a wrong turn somewhere on the beginning and I think that it was even a nicer walk.

colors of the village Arnoia

And also much healthier because we found lots of fruit on the way. Maybe some of it the sensitive people would call stealing, but I just had to reach over the fence. It is great that there is still lot of fruit growing and we had chance to taste truly organic grapefruit, orange, kiwi and best fruit of all khaki.

khaki the juiciest fruit from all

It is left on the tree long after all the leaves are gone. When it is almost rotting then it is ready to eat.

winter flowers

xmas moss

more colors

enjoying christmas

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