25 Oct

I discovered this amazing town on my 2 days journey across France. In the medieval quater of the town I have seen many different styles of building using natural materials. 

Some history info from

Cahors has had a rich history since Celtic times. The original name of the town was Divona or Divona Cadurcorum, “Divona of the Cadurci,” a Celtic people of Gaul before the Roman conquest in the 50s BC. Cahors derives from Cadurcorum. It has declined economically since the Middle Ages, and lost its university in the eighteenth century. Today it is a popular tourist centre with people coming to enjoy its mediaeval quarter and the unique 14th century fortified Valentré bridge. It is the seat of the Diocese of Cahors.

Cahors was prominent in the Middle Ages and saw considerable conflict during the Hundred Years War and the later Wars of Religion. It was also infamous at that time for having bankers that charged interest on their loans. The church in these times said that using money as an end in itself (usury) was a sin. Because of this Cahors became synonymous with this sin, and was mentioned in Dante’s Inferno (XI.50) alongside Sodom as wicked.

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