Bad luck

5 Nov

I supposed to be on my way to Spain already, but life is not perfect and not everything goes like planned. Especially when my van has too many miles on the clock. It could be much worse if the van would break on some forgotten beach in Spain. Now I am still on the carpark of Estagnots plage and the mechanic is coming tomorrow hopefully with new tensioner and fan belt. In the meantime I helped Eduard to cover his van for the winter in the middle of a storm. After I did fresh vegetable salad from tomato, cucumber, courgette, garlic and lettuce with goats cheese. Just sea salt, ground black pepper and sprinkle with olive oil. Very simple, healthy and tasty. This light lunch gave me energy go to the beach and build wooden sculptures. The light was very good so I went back to the car for my camera. I did few shots and dropped it somewhere on the beach. I did not realized I lost it until sunset and by that time somebody found it. That is the second camera gone on this trip and I didn’t get robbed in Spain yet…

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