Back on the road

15 Nov

nice wine, nice weather, nice people, Viva Espana!

Time on the car park was going fast. Days passing were filled with surfing, chilling, cycling, cooking, meeting people and waiting for french delivery guy. Also I spend too much time looking for things just because my van is too full. I have underestimated preparation for this trip in terms of things to take. But I am getting there and it is looking better inside.

Anyway les Estagnots was pretty cool place to be stuck and I met bunch of really nice people. After Richie fixed my van on Monday I’ve seen good forecast for next day. I decided to give it another morning and after the fog finally cleared perfect 2 foot peaks were waiting. After fun session it was time to move southwest direction.

Around Gijon you’ll find lot of eucalyptus trees and plenty factories

Just when I left Cabreton I got a text from Jan saying about perfect waves next morning. He is living in Oviedo province Asturias. The meeting point was Salinas playa which was just over 400 km away. Good nap halfway trough and I was there early morning meeting the boys. We had some nice waves. Then moved along the coast and I have got advice on good surf spots. We found nice wave on playa Xivares. Next morning I found out it works much better on low tide.

The morning I felt like on different planet

Sunrise was quite impressive, thanks to Jan’s camera I can share it with you. After good surf for breakfast I was looking for a city feel so I visited Gijon. The reefs in the city were going off and I couldn’t resist.

I went for this fun wave

There was also a right hand point break called el Mongol on the other side, but it was looking too serious and crowded as well. Later that day the wave demonstrated it’s power and one surfer ended up in ambulance car.

el Mongol perfection

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  1. Jan Boltvan November 15, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    Now you’re talking :)

  2. girafa November 16, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    Nice job your blog Martin. I’ve just seen it. and good luck for your trip. :-)

    Bye Girafa

  3. Eva&Bambi November 17, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    It was very good to meet you. We left just after sunset that day, too.
    You and Pepita keep warm and enjoy your adventures!
    Drop me a line…

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