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3 Feb

Painting Amaryllis

Hello world

This website has been a little bit out of date for good few months for very good reasons. Nonetheless I thought I should introduce myself for a tiny bit so that you all don’t get confused.

I am Giulia, I love nature and natural way of living, I am mainly an artist, working on botanical paintings, studying the beautiful features of Mother Earth. I also studied horticulture and I have a certificate in Organic Growing, got it through Nurney Farm and the OGI.

My aim today is to share with Martin the beautiful world we are living in, trying to make our life in the city less traumatic and use responsibly all the waste and good stuff that cities are throwing to us every day.

I was writing a blog for myself,, which was an art blog that lately became a diary of gardening awareness. So we decided to share our thoughts together…  I will continue here from now on, keeping tight on eco friendly and natural subjects.

Life is full of surprises, we should never expect things to go in a certain way, because Nature is unpredictable and magic.

Yesterday I lost my wallet and somebody decided to pick it up, go through my belongings and find me through the Botanic Gardens. The woman was so kind that she left me her number, she invited me for a tea and I discovered my neighbour just around the corner… an amazing woman who is making beautiful sculptures. I walked in with a print of my Orchids in my hands, she was stunned, she couldn’t believe I was giving her that as a gift and reward for not stealing my money. She is now another amazing person in my life to add some beauty and happiness to my days.

I strongly believe that kindness attract other kindness and so we need to do with Nature.

The work on Nurney Farm taught me so much about life, about myself, about organic growing and surely I recommend

anyone who is interested to start an apprentship in organic growing to apply for this:

The applications for 2017 already started. You are still in time until April I think. The experience was so good, meeting likeminded people and seeing other beautiful farms…

Here are two posts I want to share with you:

Have a good weekend.


Nurney Farm - farmer and the dog

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