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Beeswax and Propolis varnish

4 Mar


I have to say on the beginning that this is a complete experiment. I decided to make my own Beeswax and Propolis varnish for wooden picture frames for Shore Shots Photo Exhibition. I have reclaimed wood from almost new pallets from nearby fruit market and will be using this wood to make frames for my […]

Natural Building

26 May

The aim of this website is to introduce principles and methods of natural building and to show sustainable ways of construction. Modern society is based on continuous growth using non renewable resources. Reasons why we should focus on Natural Building can be found in degradation of environment and often unhealthy modern homes. We need to […]

Low Impact building

3 Mar

Once a month Green building lecture series are bringing insight into the better building industry. This month Cultivate.ie invited Tom Wolley to speak about Low impact building using natural materials. As introduction Tom pointed out that a more holistic approach is needed in Green building. This should count for investors, architects, engineers, builders and planning […]