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How do community gardens grow?

7 Oct


Taken from http://thefumballystables.ie without asking, but with best intentions… How do you setup and run a community garden? Hear about the lessons learned from two inspiring community garden projects: one in Dublin city centre and the other in rural Co. Clare. We will start with a talking tour of the NCAD Community Garden on Thomas Street, […]

Real Food

5 May

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates Give your body food what it needs and you will be healthy. Take away food it doesn’t need an heal yourself. Food is not just for body it is also for mind and this is where trouble is coming from. Our civilization became […]

Urban Farming

20 Jun

I was quiet on the web in last few months and time has come to catch up. The reason behind neglecting my blog is Urban Farming. I had who was asked to start growing organic vegetables for NCAD college canteen. I became a organic grower and I just cant stop. The site is just two […]

Guerrilla Gardening Manualfesto

22 Mar

I picked up Guerrilla Gardening Manualfesto (book) in library a while ago and I just remember it with the spring coming. Book is written in a very digestible way, full of stories about cool people and great ideas to make your urban jungle more livable. I need to get my seed-bombs ready to improve all […]

Moy Hill Community Garden

13 Nov

the plot

There is more and more people starting to realize that you are what you eat and turning their back to chemically grown food shipped around the globe. Moy Hill Community Garden is aimed to promote organic food and create community space. Call in to find out why choose local and organically grown food or even […]