Time’s up by Keith Farnish

3 Oct

Keith Farnish and his book Time’s up is another eye-opening book which came into my hands. I started to read it’s free ebook version called ‘A matter of scale’ which you can find here or download. SONY DSC

time's upAfter reading it I just had to buy a copy to support Keith and to pass it around my friends. I have to warn you that it is not an easy read and there is no happy ending. There could be but we all have to try much harder. Reading Time’s up confirmed to me that all my time spent building the NCAD city farm its worthwhile. The first half is describing Earth in different scales and analyzes influence of our civilization. Later in the book Mr. Farnish comes up with practical advice on how each of us could do a bit to change direction…
From author’s web
Let’s start at the end.

The first ending has happened before. Vast groups of humans, all taking part in a single, complex system, thrive for a short while; they take what they want until there is nothing left to take, and the system collapses. This has happened time and time again in the fruitless rise and fall of human ambition. The greatest of these civilizations is the one we are living in now. The end is when it falls, and the fall is coming soon. With this ending, we stand little chance of survival.

The second ending is something we’re becoming sadly familiar with: the one in which the ice caps melt, the forests disappear, the oceans rise and countless species wake for the last time before leaving the Earth forever. This is an environmental catastrophe. We can bat it away, think it has little to do with us and carry on as before. But the environment is not another place: it is what we depend on for our survival, and we are part of it, whatever anyone might say. An ‘environmental’ catastrophe is a human catastrophe. With this ending, we also stand little chance of survival.

The third ending is one you get to choose. There is a chance that we might survive.

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