Good Food for Everyone Forever

22 Mar

“This is the way of modern world: Not to do things that are merely sensible and beneficial; but to do those things that bring profit to the big companies and at the same time increase the power of the political parties who are being funded by those companies”
(Colin Tudge, 2011, Good Food for Everyone Forever)

Simplicity of modern nutrition theory summarized in nine words: Plenty of plants, not much meat, and maximum variety.

Nature has been productive for the last 3.8 bilion years without interruption, despite conditions changed from ice age to tropical and back for couple of times. Nature achieved this amazing productivity by interaction of thousands of species and recycling resources. Common sense brings us to a simple solution. Nature knows best so we just need to comprehend and copy. Colin Tudge defined powers-that-be as the obstacle in this development. The-powers-that-be include modern governments (elected or othervise), the corporates, and the big banks.

Our main problem is that power-that-be want high-tech industrialized agriculture because they are doing so well out of it. Colin divided this problem into two points:

  1. Industrialized agriculture is dominated by few big companies and they are much easier to deal with than battalion of small farmers – Industrialization leaves governments very much in control.
  2. Farm industry is designed above all to make money. Governments can count this money very easily and it’s mostly in hands of big companies. This gives illusion of economic growth even thought no one actually benefits (except bankers & shareholders).

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