Organic Growing

To have a garden is to have a future.

How can you know that food marked as organic is really what it says?

You can’t and that is why you have to Grow Your Own!

Organic growing and kitchen gardens are the way out of trouble.

Gardens grow good food!

  • food that is healthy
  • food that is nutritious
  • food that is safe
  • food that is delicious and gorgeous looking

Gardens grow healthy kids and families!

  • kids know where good food comes from
  • kids know how to grow it

Gardens save you money!

It is time to grow!

Our cheap food culture makes it hard for small growers. Rising popularity of farmers markets is showing that people start to realize hidden costs of shipping food between continents. Or maybe they just realize that food grown in season without any chemicals is the best you can eat..

Urban Organic Growing
Growing organic vegetables in urban environment has various advantages. Houses and roads are helping to create a micro climate because they serve as heat sinks. During the day the absorb heat from the sun and in the night they radiate this heat to their surroundings. Another would be an easy acces to organic waste. In our garden it is coffe grinds from local coffee shops, vegetable waste from local market, horse manure from local stables and woodchip from local tree surgeon.

Community Benefits
Local comunity and youth groups are helping to create gardens and this helps members to create working habits. Children are creating a connection to their food as many of them are not aware that it is coming from the soil.

Building Urban Garden is not an easy task. It is now about 7 months since I have got involved into NCAD garden. The site changed a great deal since I arrived. What people can’t really see is huge amount of compost and organic matter which was carried in couple of wheelbarrows by volunteers. All this organic matter will allow us to produce serious amount of vegetables and herbs in the coming growing season.

No more vegetables shipped few thousands of kilometres, just seasonal vegetables. This way we can make a big environmental contribution, because there is no need for fertilizers to grow instead we convert waste into compost. No need for long distance shipping instead delivering on the bicycle.

Gardens of the future looks like garden of the past…

Urban gardening, is growing your food where you live in

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