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9 Apr

After coming back to the urban jungle I continue my journey in form of looking for knowledge how to live closer to nature. There are way for urban flat dweller to eat healthy food and also growing it.


Crunchy Spinach and Herbs

I started with the Sourdough culturewhich is not the easy one but with regular feedings of good organic flour, filtered water and stable temperature it will live. You will be able to avoid Factory bread and enjoy the taste of real Bread.Get a thick piece of Irish Slate into your oven for superb results.


Sourdough Wholewheat Rye Spelt bread with Chia and Flax

The Kombucha culture is actually a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Every 6 to 8 you can get yield of revitalizing drink.
Have a look here how to start SCOBY.


Kombucha SCOBY floating on top of fermented sweet tea

I am lucky enough to have big south oriented windows to bring sunshine for my indoor multi level garden.


Wood ready after a bit of hammer time with pallets

I built shelfs for my pots for no cost. I have got pallets from nearby fruit market and screws were a gift.

urban garden

Build by eye without measure tape and level and waiting for BeesWax finish

I would like to grow mostly herbs, just the weather is not very growing friendly. So far I have seedling of Mint, Basil, Dill, Parsley emerging and Spinach and Garlic growing. Much more to come. Just trying to source Mint Chocolate seeds or cuttings…

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