Fare Ireland @ Culture Night

20 Sep

Fare Ireland @ Culture Night

Documentary Screening on 22 Sep 2017 at 1900 in Dublin Food Coop, Newmarket square, D8

This will be followed by Q&A session from the makers.

I got involved in Fare Ireland project trough my voluntary work in NCAD Community garden. I am there almost from the start and it is great to see the long way from derelict site.

The documentaries inFare Ireland explore the work of individuals who have made positive changes in their localities. Each of the three documentaries is connected to the others through its focus on food, community and the efforts of individuals to make small, positive changes in society. Though food links the three subjects, the films tell three different stories.

Grow, tells a story of Community Supported Agriculture project on Moy Hill Farm and NCAD Community Garden right in the middle of Liberties area in Dublin.
Feed, is the story of a woman who cooks and teaches others to cook in order to have a sense of agency in the Direct Provision system. The system of Direct Provision was originally introduced as an “emergency measure” in 1999 for asylum seekers and did not change much since.
Share, focuses on food waste and people who redistribute unsold or unpicked food (Fallen Fruit) to charities that need it.
Each subject is concerned with community involvement and integration using the most universal connector, food.
Culture Night Market

Culture Night Market

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Can’t Wait to see you there!

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