Why make compost?

4 Feb

Why make compost? We need to look into nature and have critical look on our trow-away society.

Nature achieved its amazing productivity by interaction of thousands of species and recycling resources. Common sense brings us to a simple solution. Nature knows best so we just need to comprehend and copy. Use of artificial fertilizers is destroying natural habitat and the we want to bring natural approach into peoples minds and life. Why make compost?

Every day huge amount of food waste. Tristam Stuart, author of the book Waste, calculated that the hunger of 1.5 billion people could be alleviated by eradicating the food wasted by British consumers and American retailers, food services and households.compost

Modern agriculture is highly dependent on machinery and oil. Chemical fertilizers are products of petrochemical industry and machines use big amounts of diesel. This way of farming is also destroying soil fertility and worldwide area of productive farmland is decreasing. In 1997, 25,200,000 kilograms of synthetic chemical pesticides were sold in the UK. Most of these were sprayed on Britain’s fields.(David Buffin, 1999).


To protect the environment and to create resilient communities we must revert to organic farming, where making compost replaces need to buy and use chemicals to grow food. This will have positive effect on health of people and also builds soil fertility. The inverse relationship between farm size and yield per acre indicates that as farm size gets larger yield per acre gets smaller.(FATMA GÜL ÜNAL, 2006)

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