Van-grown superfoods or sprouts from the jar

10 Jan

For sleeping in a van during winter good health is essential. Good diet and exercise is matter of course for me.  Another boost are sprouts from the jar. Here is a method from the book Local wild life – Turtle lake refuge’s recipes for Living Deep by Katerina Blair

Becoming a sprouting master

Sprouting creates an added dimension for any diet. Sprouts are extremly high in enzymes, making them power foods for high energy and healing activity in the body. Sprouts provide a greater amount of available nutrients to our bodies for physical maintenance, endurance and vitality. Nuts generally do not sprout out of they tree shells, but are more easily digested when soaked overnight. Pumpkin seeds also fall in this category.

Recomended sprouting material:

Beans: pea, mung, lentils, garbazo, adzuki, peanut, alfalfa, clover
Grains: wheat, rye, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, spelt, oats, amaranth
Seeds: Sunflower, sesame, flax, fenugreek

How to do it:
1. Choose dry sprout seeds

spoonfull of alfalfa seeds

2. Put soupspoon of dry seeds in clean glass jar
3. Cover the seeds with good water
4. You can put pinch of kelp powder in the jar for feeding the sprouts extra
trace minerals from the sea
5. cover the jar with a screen, cheesecloth or clean sock.
6. Let soak for aproximately 8 hours. Optimal time varies depending on the
sprout. Mung and adzuki for example, need about 16 hours of soaking before
sprouting. Sunflower and quinoa sprout rather fast and even begin to sprout
while in water within the first few hours of soaking.
7. After soaking, drain the water and leave upside down at an angle for
complete draining. Save this soak water for your house plants.
8. Rinse your sprouts twice a day and leave upside down for draining after each
9. In few days most of your sprouts will have white tails poking out of the
seeds. This indicates they are ready to eat. We usually leave clover and
alfalfa grow until they are long and green.

alfalfa sprouts ready to be eaten

Simple ideas to enjoy sprouts.
Jar sprouts make an excellent trail mix. Sprout several kinds and mix them
together with raisins and nuts for an irresistible snack. They also add nice
crunch to salads and soup or blend them with tahini to make hummus. Toss them into smoothies for an extra protein boost. The possibilities are endless and the health benefits enormous.

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