Urban Organic Farm Dublin

31 Jul

This is Urban Organic Farm Dublin. At the moment it is still under construction and no-dig method of organic farming is being followed. We are getting ready to open the garden for people interested to get involved.

entrance path

Entrance to the secret Urban Farm

new organic beds

New growing space is coming all the time

Creating an Urban Organic Farm in Dublin centre is not an easy job. A lot of creatures are after crops we are growing. Good that there is another lot called Predators which is after them and not after Our food.

grow your own boxes

It is growing

Actually I am being overwhelmed by the amount of produce. I am just growing, but the time is coming to find somebody who will eat all the produce.

grow your own organic food dublin ncad

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious food organically grown in Liberties, Dublin

Five rows of potatoes are ready to be lifted from the ground. I am too busy for this job and also not a big potato eater. Potato day organized by Urban Organic Farm Dublin is on schedule we just need to set a date and work towards it. There will be a big potato feast as part of it and you can’t get it more fresh anywhere in the city. I am looking forward to cook potatoes in many different ways and sharing food with good people.

grow your own organic food

Food growing wild in Dublin city centre

Secret Urban Organic Farm

Secret Urban Organic Farm Dublin

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