Urban Farming

20 Jun

I was quiet on the web in last few months and time has come to catch up. The reason behind neglecting my blog is Urban Farming. I had who was asked to start growing organic vegetables for NCAD college canteen. I became a organic grower and I just cant stop. The site is just two blocks from my place and it feels like and oasis in the middle of the city. We are using the no-dig methodno-dig method. No-Dig Gardening can probably trace its legacy back to visionary Japanese agricultural pioneer, Fukuoka Masanobu. Significant part of the garden was started on a concrete slab and compost for the beds was brought in and carried up the hill.
Garden was started beginning of may with a gardening worshop for AirB&B.


Potatoes coming up (7th of may)


organic potato flower

Behind the gates there is only man power and everything had to be carried up the hill. The gang did a great bit of work and planted four beds of potatoes which will be ready to harvest soon.


Wheelbarrow is busy o this hill

We are collecting leaves, seaweed, grass clippings, green manure and fruit and veg from the city centre fruit market for compost.
organic fruit and vegetables

organic fruit and vegetables

raised beds

raised beds to save our backs

I will keep you updated from now on…

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