Summer time growing

31 Jul

With a new job my time committed to the garden has been dramatically restricted for summer time growing. I am still finding time to come most days to look after the plants and keep the garden productive. Tony’s strategy is working well and we are fulfilling his vision of making the garden 4 times as last summer.
organic poatoes growing

organic poatoes growing very well

Summer time growing is mainly from lots of potatoes that were planted and this is keeping the garden green. Those potatoes are superb and everybody loves them. As the beds of potatoes are being dug out i am failing behind with new seedlings.


Lettuce ‘marvel of four seasons’

Good that the amount of people coming regularly increased and we are getting lots of help.

Tomatoes waiting for summer to return

Tomatoes waiting for summer to return

There is also a social program taking place and people recovering from addictions are coming to work in the garden one afternoon of the week. Another perspective project is to bring kids which got in front of the judge to the garden and give them a chance to make good. We are hoping the connection to their food and nature will make better people out of them.

I am trying to maintain diversity of vegetables and herbs grown.

Betroot superfood

Beetroot Egyptian bloody good superfood

The veggies include brassicas (varieties of kale, cabbage, broccoli, borecole), onions, beets, celeriac, carrots, parsnips, white radishes, sweetcorn, dwarf, broad and runner beans, peas.

Red Baron Onion superb oninons from city centre

Red Baron Onion superb oninons from city centre

Herbs are represented by dill, varieties of mint, parsley, coriander, camomile.

coriander and camomille flowers

coriander and camomille flowers

There was also substantial crop of garlic from last Octobers sowing. Best bulbs will be kept for sowing in October again to grow even more of finest Dublin city Garlic!

We lost our guardian falcon and it looks that the foxes moved away as well because our kale’s, cabbages and broccoli was devastated by pigeons. We got big sizes of gardening fleece donated so the plants are slowly recovering.

flowers sneaking in with the compost

flowers sneaking in with the compost, these are weed we like to see

But there is a pest much worse than any animals and these are the kids from the social flats. We finally managed to get connected with some people from there and they were coming to help and the kids as well. I don’t know what happened but today we were devastated for what we seen. The crop of garlic which was drying under roof of our rainwater harvesting shelter was thrown all over the garden in the rain. I am afraid that it will now rot as forecast is looking wet. On top of that 2 boxes of glass jars were broken against the walls of the garden and now the beds are full of broken glass. It will take ages to clean the garden, but e just have to keep going.

Some more veggies to admire:

Beetroot Egyptian

Beetroot Egyptian bloody good superfood from closer

Red Baron Onion superb oninons from city centre

Red Baron Onion superb oninons from city centre

russian comfrey patch

russian comfrey brought from Garden Organics

Comfrey species are important herbs in organic gardening.
Comfrey is a particularly valuable source of fertility to the organic gardener. It is very deep rooted and acts as a dynamic accumulator, mining a host of nutrients from the soil.

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