Spring urban growing time

22 Apr

Time is flying and almost a year passed since last spring when I’ve got involved into urban growing in NCAD garden. The derelict site changed a great deal since I arrived and now it is ready to become an Organic Market Garden.

before after

from derelict site to Organic Centre

recent view

more growing space is ready

What people can’t really see is huge amount of compost and organic matter which was carried in couple of wheelbarrows by volunteers. All this organic matter is creating a super rich soil on this city plot. By sampling the compost heaps we can see an amazing increase in earthworm numbers. The No-dig method is based on building the soil with adding layers of compost every year and not disturbing the soil life by digging.

flowering oriental greens

flowering oriental greens (mustards, mizuna mibuna, pak choi)

The spring is finally here after another long winter. It was a mild winter and the garden was producing all the way. Big amounts of kale were the staple vegetables. Oriental leaves, rocket leaves, chards, spinach, celery, white turnips and curly parsley were bringing fresh flavours into my food. With changing weather throughout winter and temperatures I noticed subtle changes in flavour if the vegetables.

ruby chard colors

ruby chard colors

Anyway spring is here and most of the winter crops are moving to their flowering stage and will soon make space for the new crops.

fresh lettuce leaves

fresh lettuce leaves to be picked

rocket leaves

no more rocket leaves from a plastic bag

We will be looking for business which are interested to serve their customers a produce which is growing around the corner and was picked the same morning. You would not get your salad leaves any fresher. No more vegetables shipped few thousands of kilometres, just seasonal vegetables…

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