Irrigation system renovation

4 Jan

Casa di Cimo art

During Christmas I experience hospitality of Portuguese people and I have to say food and wine was excellent. Big thanks to Isabel, her parents and friends for having me at the table. After two days of traditional overeating it was time to do some work and burn that Christmas fat.

hard worker

everybody has to work

After the cows are gone from the farm there is a lot of space for more herbs and vegetables. Also the soil is full of nutrients. All the pastures were originally gardens with a simple irrigation system.

Water reservoir

Water reservoir and stone wall hidden under vegetation

Water from a spring is captured into granite wall pool. From there
water was flowing to the field trough trenches. Geology was also helping with
the hard sand and clay subsoil beneath quality topsoil. This helps to bring the
water where you need it and it doesn’t soak in the ground.


testing the system

The land was originally sloped terrain and people changed it to terraces. They used dry stone walls in the change of level. Most of them are in order,just around the water basin walls collapsed as it wasn’t maintained. Roots of blackberries and various bushes were growing into them and made them to fall.


getting to know local wildlife

I didn’t have enough time to repair all of the wall because I was leaving next day. Building dry stone walls is like building a puzzle without picture. You need to look for shapes of stones, that support each other. They need to spread the weight of the wall evenly as it is rising.

hard worker

my quick fix of the wall

I was joining existing wall to the left. The section I build was a corner and section above the water is missing part of the wall. I put few big stones at the base so it doesn’t collapse until somebody will be able to finish it. Whit this my time in the farm was almost over. It was very pleasant experience. It was good to stay in a house and do bit of work for a change.

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  1. Moraw January 10, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    Hi Owo
    Your photos are awesome, full of colour which are unusual for me in this time of year.
    I am sure, after this journey you could make good exhibition.
    Send me some recipes from portuguese christmas dinner 🙂
    I wish you all the best in 2013.

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