Alternative energy generation

19 Sep

Going off grid with your house is the way to go! Don’t forget about rainwater collection. So what is Alternative energy generation? There is much more options that looked at here and you can as well combine them all.

Photo-voltaic System

these consist of solar collectors which harvest energy of the sun and inverter transforming DC into AC. Optional part is a battery pack to store energy for the night.
Most visible component of this system is the array which type and size is determined by our energy needs. There are different ways to mount the panels either to optimize collection or minimize initial cost.
Fixed System is the most used and cheapest. Panels are oriented towards the sun at angle depending on latitude.
Single Axis System allows you to adjust angle of the array as the earth tilts with changing seasons. This will make solar collection more effective.
Dual Axis Systems are the most effective, but also on top of the price range. Systems are usually automatic and follow movement of the sun.
If you are looking for PV system for your roof be sure that it has right orientation and angle otherwise use a free standing system.

-Grid inertie
-Battery backup
-Backup Generator

Wind Turbines

People are capturing wind power for millennia, but recent interest in domestic power generation brought more efficient turbines and new designs. If you live in area with consistent winds then it would be right choice for you. Otherwise it would be viable to use dual system with any other system or grid connection.
Many people claim that big wind turbines are only built because of government subsidies. The massive wind farms are failing to produce megawatts they supposed to and some countries are already slashing money going to support wind farms. Big amount of energy is needed to construct and install the turbines. They are also disruption for people, animals and landscape.
Lets stay with domestic installations,
Basic tips if you are interested in installing micro wind turbine:
Get quality wind – better wind means more efficient power generation and less wear & tear of the instalation. Buildings, trees and terrain are causing turbulences in wind flow so choose space carefully.
Go bigger – common mistake people do with small wind installations is that tower holding the turbine is too short. The higher you go the better wind you get.
Ignore rated power – it is the most misleading parameter of the turbine. Better compare by swept area.
Bigger is better – the rotor diameter or swept area determines how much wind you will capture.


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