Baubiologie [Building Biology]

3 Dec

The most advanced movement for healthy homes is coming from Germany. Born of disenchantment with much post war buildings, awareness of ecology and concern about synthetic building materials, Baubiologie is a wholly new concept in architecture. It combines scientific approach with a holistic view of the relationship between the people and their buildings. The house is compared with an organism and its fabric to skin.

It feels better than plastic

A third layer protecting us from the elements, where our clothes are second skin. House fulfills essential living functions: protecting, insulating, breathing, absorbing, evaporating, regulating, communicating. Baubiogie aims to design building that meets our physical, biological and spiritual needs. They must interact harmoniously with us and the environment  This constant exchange between inside and outside depends on transfusive skin to maintain healthy living environment.

natural materials create breathable walls

Many of the modern houses are now sealed units and have thus become sick. Plastic vapor barriers, concrete floors, airtight windows and doors, insulation foam and impermeable layers of plastic paints and adhesives all wrap up the building so tightly, that it can not breathe. Being a sealed system, it traps stale air and chemical vapors inside until they reach concentrations that can cause disease.

traditional log cabin in Austrian Alps

The natural materials used in the past have been largely replaced by or are treated with synthetics and also craft of natural building is fadeing out. Lucky for us it is not so complicated and there is courses around there to learn it.

original features made with hemp-lime plaster

You can create unique house that will suit all your needs and it will care for your health as well. And without massive mortgage…

Just think about it for start.



The Gaia Natural House Book: Creating a Healthy and Ecologically Sound Home

David Pearson (Author), Kevin McCloud (Foreword)

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