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Building Empowerment

15 Sep

Sigi Koko @Natural Homes Conference 2017 Building Empowerment Sigi Koko is a well known Architect specialised in Eco Buildings. She is the head of Down to Earth design and she is one of the most inspiring woman natural builder we know. Sigi believes that building naturally is also building Empowerment of people and creating resilient […]

Arrifana Pines Cob Oven

25 Aug

ben the four legged helper

Arrifana pines 20/8/2016 Cob oven building workshop. I was invited to Algarve to help building a cob oven. My friend Paddy finally found his place in Europe after traveling along the Atlantic coast in his camper van. I am happy that his dream final came true and he is a proud owner of a beautiful […]

Dublin Made Me Market

29 Oct

tony lowth guerilla composter

Dublin Made Me Market featuring Tony Lowth speaking on the sunday market about the story of NCAD garden

Upcycled pallets into frames

1 Apr


Another Upcycle creation in my repertoire is Upcycled pallets into frames. When you are a student on limited budget you just have to love pallets. You don’t even need a workshop if you do it the old-school manual way. Using power tools would get too dusty and you wouldn’t get the exercise. You will need […]

Used tires retaining wall

26 Mar

tire retaining wall

With growing number of cars around the world there is also a growing mountains of used tires. Build retaining walls with them could make a tiny dent in this problem without need of any additional processing. Look on this article for some more reading. There is some more technologies out there to give old tires […]

Beeswax and Propolis varnish

4 Mar


I have to say on the beginning that this is a complete experiment. I decided to make my own Beeswax and Propolis varnish for wooden picture frames for Shore Shots Photo Exhibition. I have reclaimed wood from almost new pallets from nearby fruit market and will be using this wood to make frames for my […]

Palletry – Upcycling pallets

19 Sep

Palletry – Upcycling pallets is getting popular with creative DIY people which are looking for cheap way of making furniture or even Tiny Homes. It is a great way of  making shelves to fit around unused corners of the house. If you can source pallets then you need to have a look at low impact […]