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Time’s up by Keith Farnish

3 Oct

Keith Farnish and his book Time’s up is another eye-opening book which came into my hands. I started to read it’s free ebook version called ‘A matter of scale’ which you can find here or download. After reading it I just had to buy a copy to support Keith and to pass it around my […]

Good Food for Everyone Forever

22 Mar

“This is the way of modern world: Not to do things that are merely sensible and beneficial; but to do those things that bring profit to the big companies and at the same time increase the power of the political parties who are being funded by those companies” (Colin Tudge, 2011, Good Food for Everyone […]

Destruction of Quality

20 Jun

I am just reading a book which is amazingly ahead of its time and it explains how powers-that-be plan world domination through the destruction of quality. ‘If humanity is to be controlled, quality has to be destroyed. If the excellence of water and the wholesomeness of food is destroyed, then the quality of human thought-processes […]