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Alternative energy generation

19 Sep

Going off grid with your house is the way to go! Don’t forget about rainwater collection. So what is Alternative energy generation? There is much more options that looked at here and you can as well combine them all. Photo-voltaic System these consist of solar collectors which harvest energy of the sun and inverter transforming […]

Palletry – Upcycling pallets

19 Sep

Palletry – Upcycling pallets is getting popular with creative DIY people which are looking for cheap way of making furniture or even Tiny Homes. It is a great way of  making shelves to fit around unused corners of the house. If you can source pallets then you need to have a look at low impact […]

Natural Building talk

13 Jul

Recently I don’t have much time for blogging because of epic summer in Ireland and getting ready for my Natural Building talk. It is hard to work in this heat and I am focusing my energy now for my little event on the amazing west coast of Ireland. If you are around come!

Natural Building

26 May

The aim of this website is to introduce principles and methods of natural building and to show sustainable ways of construction. Modern society is based on continuous growth using non renewable resources. Reasons why we should focus on Natural Building can be found in degradation of environment and often unhealthy modern homes. We need to […]

Straw bale homes

22 Mar

It may seem that straw is a newcomer in construction but opposite is the truth. Since people are growing grains they discovered use of unbaled straw for various roof, wall and flooring systems. The history of straw bale starts in North American west in 1870’s with introduction of horse driven baling machine. The settlers faced […]

Low Impact building

3 Mar

Once a month Green building lecture series are bringing insight into the better building industry. This month invited Tom Wolley to speak about Low impact building using natural materials. As introduction Tom pointed out that a more holistic approach is needed in Green building. This should count for investors, architects, engineers, builders and planning […]

Irrigation system renovation

4 Jan

During Christmas I experience hospitality of Portuguese people and I have to say food and wine was excellent. Big thanks to Isabel, her parents and friends for having me at the table. After two days of traditional overeating it was time to do some work and burn that Christmas fat. After the cows are gone from the farm there is a […]

Tradition of Natural building

13 Dec

If we go all the way to the dawn of human kind the first natural house  was a cave dwelling. Big fireplace in the middle and painting of the walls make it more cozy and they leave stories behind for the next generations. With the civilization starting to form first natural building came. Versatile, lightweight, […]

Baubiologie [Building Biology]

3 Dec

The most advanced movement for healthy homes is coming from Germany. Born of disenchantment with much post war buildings, awareness of ecology and concern about synthetic building materials, Baubiologie is a wholly new concept in architecture. It combines scientific approach with a holistic view of the relationship between the people and their buildings. The house is compared with an organism and its fabric to […]


25 Oct

I discovered this amazing town on my 2 days journey across France. In the medieval quater of the town I have seen many different styles of building using natural materials.  Some history info from Cahors has had a rich history since Celtic times. The original name of the town was Divona or Divona Cadurcorum, […]