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Building Empowerment

15 Sep

Sigi Koko @Natural Homes Conference 2017 Building Empowerment Sigi Koko is a well known Architect specialised in Eco Buildings. She is the head of Down to Earth design and she is one of the most inspiring woman natural builder we know. Sigi believes that building naturally is also building Empowerment of people and creating resilient […]

Arrifana Pines Cob Oven

25 Aug

ben the four legged helper

Arrifana pines 20/8/2016 Cob oven building workshop. I was invited to Algarve to help building a cob oven. My friend Paddy finally found his place in Europe after traveling along the Atlantic coast in his camper van. I am happy that his dream final came true and he is a proud owner of a beautiful […]

Three plants which clean indoor air

22 Apr

Researcher Kamal Meattle and his extensive research reveals three plants which clean indoor air in homes or offices. As a case study office building in New Dehli where 300 people work was filled with 1200 plants. These plants include Areca palm, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, and a “Money Plant”. These plants are used to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, […]

Meitheal aka Cob oven party

20 Jun

I would like to invite everybody for a traditional Meitheal aka Cob oven party. Lets get together this Sunday (22.6) in Moy Hill Community Garden and build a Cob oven for pizza and bread baking sessions. We will start around 11. Tell your friends and come to create, eat and have fun…

Business and Pleasure

21 Apr

Sitting in the apartment back in Dublin I have to say that west Clare is my favorite place in Ireland. Great people, ocean, clean environment and beautiful weather on top make it hard to leave. The Cob oven workshop in Moy Hill Community Gardenwas the main reason for the visit and I am pleased with […]

Cob Oven

18 Apr

Cob oven is a traditional heat-retaining oven used for ages around the globe. It can be also called clay or earth oven and to make the heat we burn non-fossil fuel inside. Thermal mass of the oven will accumulate heat from the fire and once we are happy with the temperature or the fire is […]

Build with Cob Workshops

14 Apr

Build with Cob Workshops

I would like to invite everybody for Build with Cob Workshops. This workshop would be suited for anybody interested to get familiar with this classic Natural Material. Main ingredients of Cob are earth and straw. We will show you how to find suitable soil, test the soil and build a simple structure. I this case […]

Earth Plaster

3 Apr

With the upcoming Cob Workshop in Clare I need to present myself with my first Earth Plaster job which I did last year during my travels for Jason J. Baker. I had previous experience only from doing weekend course. Previous wwoofer did a Cob moldings around the doors in living room. His mix had too […]

Straw bale house by Wood worxx

9 Dec

I recently visited an interesting natural building project constructed by R&L Wood Worxx. Straw bale house by Wood worxx is a 2 storey family house which is utilising timber frame as structural element and straw bales as infill of the frame. Straw is in fact waste product of agriculture and makes excellent insulation. Straw itself […]

Moy Hill Community Garden

13 Nov

the plot

There is more and more people starting to realize that you are what you eat and turning their back to chemically grown food shipped around the globe. Moy Hill Community Garden is aimed to promote organic food and create community space. Call in to find out why choose local and organically grown food or even […]