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Business and Pleasure

21 Apr

Sitting in the apartment back in Dublin I have to say that west Clare is my favorite place in Ireland. Great people, ocean, clean environment and beautiful weather on top make it hard to leave. The Cob oven workshop in Moy Hill Community Gardenwas the main reason for the visit and I am pleased with […]

Cob Oven

18 Apr

Cob oven is a traditional heat-retaining oven used for ages around the globe. It can be also called clay or earth oven and to make the heat we burn non-fossil fuel inside. Thermal mass of the oven will accumulate heat from the fire and once we are happy with the temperature or the fire is […]

Build with Cob Workshops

14 Apr

Build with Cob Workshops

I would like to invite everybody for Build with Cob Workshops. This workshop would be suited for anybody interested to get familiar with this classic Natural Material. Main ingredients of Cob are earth and straw. We will show you how to find suitable soil, test the soil and build a simple structure. I this case […]

Earth Plaster

3 Apr

With the upcoming Cob Workshop in Clare I need to present myself with my first Earth Plaster job which I did last year during my travels for Jason J. Baker. I had previous experience only from doing weekend course. Previous wwoofer did a Cob moldings around the doors in living room. His mix had too […]

Upcycled pallets into frames

1 Apr


Another Upcycle creation in my repertoire is Upcycled pallets into frames. When you are a student on limited budget you just have to love pallets. You don’t even need a workshop if you do it the old-school manual way. Using power tools would get too dusty and you wouldn’t get the exercise. You will need […]