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Used tires retaining wall

26 Mar

tire retaining wall

With growing number of cars around the world there is also a growing mountains of used tires. Build retaining walls with them could make a tiny dent in this problem without need of any additional processing. Look on this article for some more reading. There is some more technologies out there to give old tires […]

Good Food for Everyone Forever

22 Mar

“This is the way of modern world: Not to do things that are merely sensible and beneficial; but to do those things that bring profit to the big companies and at the same time increase the power of the political parties who are being funded by those companies” (Colin Tudge, 2011, Good Food for Everyone […]

Guerrilla Gardening Manualfesto

22 Mar

I picked up Guerrilla Gardening Manualfesto (book) in library a while ago and I just remember it with the spring coming. Book is written in a very digestible way, full of stories about cool people and great ideas to make your urban jungle more livable. I need to get my seed-bombs ready to improve all […]

Social Enterprise in Ireland

9 Mar

A People’s economy? Social Enterprise in Ireland (Abstract from book edited by Gerard Doyle & Tanya Lalor) Concept of Social Enterprise has gained recognition around the world an in Ireland in recent years and is an alternative for profit hungry companies and shareholders. It could also be a response to the economic trouble of past […]

Beeswax and Propolis varnish

4 Mar


I have to say on the beginning that this is a complete experiment. I decided to make my own Beeswax and Propolis varnish for wooden picture frames for Shore Shots Photo Exhibition. I have reclaimed wood from almost new pallets from nearby fruit market and will be using this wood to make frames for my […]