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Straw bale homes

22 Mar

It may seem that straw is a newcomer in construction but opposite is the truth. Since people are growing grains they discovered use of unbaled straw for various roof, wall and flooring systems. The history of straw bale starts in North American west in 1870’s with introduction of horse driven baling machine. The settlers faced […]

Môj veľký výlet

14 Mar

Konecne nastal cas aby som sa vyjadril aj v mojom rodnom jazyku. Po vsetkych tych rokoch v cudzine ma to stale bavi a tak chcem moju stranku zamerat na Irsko. Taktiez sa mi lahsie pise v anglictine, pretoze odpadaju vsetky tie dĺžne a mäkčeňe. Povodne mal byt tento blog hlavne o mojej ceste za prirodnym […]

Low Impact building

3 Mar

Once a month Green building lecture series are bringing insight into the better building industry. This month invited Tom Wolley to speak about Low impact building using natural materials. As introduction Tom pointed out that a more holistic approach is needed in Green building. This should count for investors, architects, engineers, builders and planning […]