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Feliz Natal [Merry Christmas]

26 Dec

I hope everybody enjoyed Christmas, here is few snaps from last few days

Colours of portugese winter

22 Dec

Today was easy day on the farm so we had a chance to explore surroundings. Plan was to visit the Castle of Arnoia. We did a wrong turn somewhere on the beginning and I think that it was even a nicer walk. And also much healthier because we found lots of fruit on the way. […]

Coming to Portugal

18 Dec

Galicia was amazing and deserves a post blog by itself. First I have to tell you the recent story. I decided to join wwoof Portugal which is about working on organic farms about 20 hours per week in exchange for food and accommodation  Great way to learn new things, meet interesting people and get to know the culture. […]

Tradition of Natural building

13 Dec

If we go all the way to the dawn of human kind the first natural house  was a cave dwelling. Big fireplace in the middle and painting of the walls make it more cozy and they leave stories behind for the next generations. With the civilization starting to form first natural building came. Versatile, lightweight, […]

Porcini mushroom and zuchinni brown risotto

12 Dec

Another fine dinner from the Van. We enjoyed this one when Oviedo crew joined me for extended weekend. You will need: two porcini or 25g of dried similar mushrooms 1 chorizo thinly sliced 1 onion finely chopped can of garden peas 1 medium zucchini 1 medium leek sliced 250 g brown rice 200 ml rose wine […]

Baubiologie [Building Biology]

3 Dec

The most advanced movement for healthy homes is coming from Germany. Born of disenchantment with much post war buildings, awareness of ecology and concern about synthetic building materials, Baubiologie is a wholly new concept in architecture. It combines scientific approach with a holistic view of the relationship between the people and their buildings. The house is compared with an organism and its fabric to […]