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Journey continues… more or less

30 Nov

N-642 – km 49 – CERVO – This information do I have from my first encounter with Spanish police. My van is broken again and this time I have Haynes service manual. In the fault finding chapter I didn’t find anything positive. But let me tell you a longer story about good times as well. […]


20 Nov

Asturias is a cool part of Spanish coast. I am enjoying glass of nice spanish vine and tapas while surfing the web. I am in the old town of Gijon the biggest city of Asturias. Town has really nice ambience whith all small vinaterias and regions popular siderias. Especially on the weekends streets fill up […]

Dinner from the Van

20 Nov

To open the food section here is a great dinner idea. Rose Wine braised ginger turkey with onion and leek sauce with melange of fresh veggies     500 g Prime organic Spanish turkey breast 2 medium onions 1 leek 2 cloves of garlic 3 tomatoes juice from half lemon nice bit of ginger 1/3 […]

Back on the road

15 Nov

Time on the car park was going fast. Days passing were filled with surfing, chilling, cycling, cooking, meeting people and waiting for french delivery guy. Also I spend too much time looking for things just because my van is too full. I have underestimated preparation for this trip in terms of things to take. But I am […]

Bad luck

5 Nov

I supposed to be on my way to Spain already, but life is not perfect and not everything goes like planned. Especially when my van has too many miles on the clock. It could be much worse if the van would break on some forgotten beach in Spain. Now I am still on the carpark […]

Heading to Spain

4 Nov

It was great week with my lovely Dada and my friends here in France. The weather was amazing and just when they left it changed to bad. Rainy and windy today, but few waves in the morning makes it good day. Just had a look on pictures from last week and I have to share… […]